Part of the Steward Manor story can be found in old newspaper articles, classified ads,
and other pieces of the community itself. In this section, you’ll see what we’ve uncovered thus far.

If you have any rental literature, ads, photos, or other items that can help document a specific era in Steward Manor history, please contact

Likely the very first display ad ever run.

The first classified ad: Washington Post, November 15, 1958

This article announces the opening of the third and final section of Steward Manor, (the blocks of Sharon Ct. and Morris Dr. west of Parkside Dr.) but features a photo of 106 Sharon Ct.—one of the first buildings constructed.

This classified ad from April 10, 1966 notes the original address of the rental office: 100 Parkside Dr.

Plat Book BB 12, Page 57. This 1946 drawing notes the land ownership of Dr. N.B. Steward, for whom Steward Manor is named. His signature is also on the page. The large section deemed "Future Development" is where Steward Manor Apartments would eventually be built roughly 12 years later.


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