Peephole to the Past

Here’s an unusual shot I took as a kid circa 1985, just to see if it would come out. It’s a distorted view from our our apartment door peephole at 100 Bryan Ct. #202.

Despite the focus (or lack thereof), I’m able to discern quite a few details: the doors/handrails were painted gloss black at the time; the outside light (through the doorway at the bottom of the stairs) appears to be late afternoon/early evening; and that’s our upstairs neighbor Charles Manning heading home.

Ironically, as far as I know, this is the only photo I ever took of a hallway while I lived at Steward Manor. If you have any, please share them! (


About Richard Friend

I'm a graphic designer and creator of "Lost Laurel"—a collection of photos and print ephemera chronicling the countless stores, restaurants, and other long-lost merchants of Laurel, Maryland. I'm interesting in hearing from any former/current residents, especially those with vintage photos, literature, and recollections of the community.
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