Steward Manor in Super 8

My parents recently had their old Super 8 home movies transferred to DVD, and while there’s several hours of silent footage to sift through, there’s sure to be some priceless clips of Steward Manor from the late 1970s and early 80s—such as this shot from our window at 2 Woodland Ct. #301 during the Blizzard of ’79.

Looking towards Lafayette Ave. and the train tracks, the old white wooden fencing can still be seen beside an entrance that wouldn’t be gated for nearly another 25 years. In another scene shot from the porch (while I “help” my dad with the shoveling) two more long-lost design elements can be seen: the green chainlink fencing and the old lamp posts.

In another scene from the early 1980s, (during a much warmer month) the camera—my dad’s old Technicolor Mark 10—inadvertently captures a glimpse of another early lamp post. This one was in front of our next apartment building at 100 Bryan Ct., where the familiar, colorful flowers lovingly tended by our upstairs neighbor Jay Privette can also be seen.


About Richard Friend

I'm a graphic designer and creator of "Lost Laurel"—a collection of photos and print ephemera chronicling the countless stores, restaurants, and other long-lost merchants of Laurel, Maryland. I'm interesting in hearing from any former/current residents, especially those with vintage photos, literature, and recollections of the community.
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