The Man Behind “Morris Drive”… and Steward Manor

Residents of Steward Manor—or any apartment complex, for that matter—probably don’t often wonder about who built the neighborhood. Who had the foresight to envision not just what the buildings would look like, but how the community would be planned as a whole? And more often than not, when they do learn the name of the builder, it’s someone they’re not familiar with. That’s probably not the case with Steward Manor.

Anyone familiar with Washington, DC sports from the 1970s to today should know the name Abe Pollin. Before Abe became the legendary NBA and NHL owner, (building the Capital Centre and Verizon Center for his respective teams along the way) he worked for his father, Morris Pollin, who launched a construction company with his sons in 1957 called “Pollin Development Comany”. A year later, they were building Steward Manor Apartments.


About Richard Friend

I'm a graphic designer and creator of "Lost Laurel"—a collection of photos and print ephemera chronicling the countless stores, restaurants, and other long-lost merchants of Laurel, Maryland. I'm interesting in hearing from any former/current residents, especially those with vintage photos, literature, and recollections of the community.
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